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At Goddess Lashes™ we offer the highest quality eyelash extensions, brows, lashlift, microblading and rejuvenating skin treatments services in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach.

Do you desire perfect lashes without the need for curlers and mascara?

Would you like an instant eye and brow lift? Smooth flawless skin?

You will Love your new rejuvenated refreshed look! We are specialized in bespoke beauty treatments catered to your uniqueness to achieve the most natural results and enhance your look…


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First Timers

first set of classic lashes $175 ($75 saving)

First Microblading $399 ( $101 saving)

First Lashlift $100 ($ 50 saving)

First BB glow $200 ( $ 50 saving)

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Best of the Best. Thats all there is to say
My secret weapon !
— kira T. madden
People have been complimenting my lashes and brows nonstop ever since I have been seeing Linda! I look younger, lifted and refreshed!
— Nives omar
I’ve been seeing Linda for over 12 years! always great always on top of her amazing skills, always pleased with the beautiful lash extensions, brow tinting and skincare treatments...Highly recommended!
— Trina Thiel
Microblading at its best! Linda corrected a botched job from another salon...Now they are even and the color is perfect!
— evvy Lynna


What we do

“We offer the very best lash extensions, lashlift, permanent makeup and advanced skin care techniques in Miami. Tailored just for your unique features we transform, enhance and magnify your natural beauty”


Hi, I’m Linda

Founder and creator of Goddess Lashes. I have been fascinated with the art of beauty since my childhood in Italy where art and beauty is everywhere. I possess a natural creative gift with the art of embellishing and am able to transform and beautify with the intricate art of eyelash extensions, permanent makeup artistry and numerous skin care techniques infused with a healing touch. I have been practicing for the past 17 years and beautified thousands of clients and celebrities. You can contact me here